Who am I


I'd like to make stuff that the user wants, usually focusing on Frontend but I'd loved to do Backend and DevOps.



2020.04 ~ Current Work as a frontend engineer


IoT B2B dashboard servise

Make a dashboard service for sensor data. I started from PoC and work this project until release.
  • Stack: Typescript, React, Redux, Styled-components, MUI, Highchart, Jest, Playwright, Amazon S3, Amazon CloudFront, AWS CDK, CircleCI
    • Make components over the MUI
    • Upgrade MUI version v4 to v5
    • Deploy AWS by CDK to S3 and CloudFront
    • Add E2E snapshot test by the playwright


Sunmoon University

Study computer science

Depromeet 11th

2022.03 ~ 2022.09
Participate in the side-project club as frontend engineer.


A community for those who love webtoons and vote for your favorite webtoons, like stocks!
  • Stack: Typescript, Next.js, Recoil, React-query, Emotion, Storybook, AWS CloudFront@Edge, Serverless Framework, GitHub Actions, Sentry, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Mixpanel
    • Use React-query for API data caching and make some examples for teammates
    • Add storybook for making design system with designers
    • Deploy Next.js application on the CloudFront@Edge by Serverless Framework
    • Make CI/CD by GitHub Actions with 3 environments (dev, stg, prd)
    • Add Sentry, Hotjar, Google Analytics and Mixpanel for monitoring and collecting marketing data
  • GitHub
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